Website has become the common, standard and expected virtual presence of an organisation. Not only is it a form of medium to provide information, but many users will decide whether to pursue with the organisation based on what they see. We are experienced in designing a website that can properly represent your identity and achieve your desired objectives.

Visual Layout

Depending on your needs, we can design a completely new website for high level of customisation or deploy a template design for cost efficiency. We can always create the fitting solutions based on your needs and resources.

Platform Compatibility

We pay heavy attention to user experience. Visitors might visit your website with different browsers on computers or mobile devices. We make sure that your website will be displayed properly across all platforms.

Target Achievement

A successful website is one that can help the organisation to achieve its intended objectives. We have extensive marketing and industry experience to improve traffic, conversation rate, session duration, bounce rate and etc. through design and campaigns.

Management Solution

Our ultimate objective to help you to simplify all technical issues. We provide ongoing support and CMS solutions that can manage your routine day-to-day content update. Whether you prefer to let us do the work or do it yourself, we have the solutions for you!

If your plans don't include mobile, yours plans are not finished.

— Wendy Clark

Senior VP, Coca-Cola Companies


Mobile devices are prevalent nowadays and many organisations want to take advantage of this opportunity to develop an app to gain exposure or provide improved services. Compared to website design, app development requires more strategic planning and consideration. Coding Guys is your award-winning partner that will work with you throughout the entire process.

Step 1
Define Project Objectives

Developing a proper app is an involved process, both strategically and financially. We first consult with you to analyse the business case of the project. After determining the objectives and benefits, we will move to the design stage.

Step 2
Set Features Requirement

Sometimes our clients initially want an overwhelming number of features and overly complicated design. Certain features might be very costly to develop with little benefits and fancy design can possibly jeopardise user experience. After analysing the costs and benefits behind, we can help you to find the perfect balance.

Step 3
Depict User Experience (UX)

UX is the most critical factor that determines the success or failure of an app. Users will quickly uninstall an app that cannot give them a good first impression and experience. We are proficient in presenting your features and benefits in a convincing way that can attain and retain users.

Step 4
Provide Committed Support

The mobile market is very volatile. New models, systems and devices are being introduced constantly. You need a reliable team that can deploy updates continuously. Responding swiftly to users’ feedback and changing market trend, we are always here to help you to refine the app to meet the latest demand.

Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.

— Peter Drucker

Founder of Modern Management


Macau News

Launched in Feb 2011, this is one of the pioneer apps in Macau Google Play Store. We now collect and publish over 1,000 daily local and international news articles from various sources in Macau and Hong Kong.
Android                iOS

Macau Road Information

Partnering with Macau Road Information, a local Facebook community with over 50,000 members, we complemented its online presence by developing its own proprietary website and mobile applications.
Android                iOS                Web

Schoope 時校通

Android                iOS                Web


Android                iOS

Macau Anglican College

The Macau Anglican College APP is the latest innovation that MAC has launched to enhance home-school cooperation. Through the APP, MAC can more easily and closely connect with students and parents, by sharing latest news, updates, calendar and multimedia gallery. Students and parents can enjoy this information and get involved conveniently, any time and anywhere.
Android                iOS

Other Clients

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

— Warren Bennis

Pioneer in Leadership Studies


Coding Guys Limited was founded by 4 entrepreneurs to cultivate opportunities in the digital world. The team, consisting of MSc and MBA holders, has extensive experience in mobile application development, web design, marketing and project execution. Our most senior member has over 10 years of experience in business development. Individually and collectively, we have won a lot of rewards. The most recent ones are:

InnoICT Bussiness Plan Competition, Macau
(First Place)

MTR App Talent Quest Competition, Hong Kong
(Third Place)

We are your true partners.

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